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RX Radio

RX Radio is a radio station run by and for children operating from the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It
is the first radio in the world to involve child reporters broadcasting from within a hospital. So far 76 young reporters
(ages 4 to 18) have participated in RX Radio training, 67% patients at Red Cross and 33% siblings or friends. A team of
five staff, volunteers and former reporters (ages 18+) work behind the scenes to train, coordinate, and support the
reporters – but the children are always behind the microphones and are active participants in the production; they
design their own shows, choose the music, invite guests, write interview questions, and even plan fundraising events.

Alex White (Host) -

Stefanos Panagiotidis (Producer) -

Kai Parsons (Web) -


South Africa

+27 76 345 1904​

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