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Appgrade your service delivery.

Tumikia is a revolutionary platform that allows any organisation or industry to connect their clients directly to service providers at the tap of a button


We believe that progressive web apps are the future! Using state of the art visual coding techniques, we can develop fully functional apps in no time!


We create beautiful websites that create powerful connections at the lowest possible cost. This website costs us less than R500/year. Get yours today!


Tumikia is a company founded by young entrepreneurs who are passionate about seeing entrepreneurship go further in South Africa. If you're like us we've got a special deal for you!

Our Story

We're a startup development company run by young people out of Cape Town, South Africa that focuses on progressive web apps for mobile. We have pioneered an innovative platform called Tumikia that can be implemented by governments, municipalities, utilities, industries, companies and other organisations to connect their clients and service providers faster and more efficiently.

What we offer?

Tumik​ia platform setup and customisation to your requirements, whether it be to manage a maintenance force of 25 people for 1000 office workers to a workforce of hundreds of service providers for a municipality, we can scale Tumikia for you.


We focus on innovative visual coding and development for all our apps, websites and other products. By using state of the art platforms and by combining multiple progressive interfaces, we are able to develop sites and apps far quicker than the competition and for far less!


How does Tumikia work?

Report Issue!

Their are two apps needed for the Tumikia system to work. The app with the "yellow" logo is for the citizen to report any issues/faults. The "blue" app is for the municipality's service providers to use in order to respond to any issues/faults.


Once you reach out to us through the form below, we may contact you for further details, after which we'll arrange a meeting with you at the Waterfront in Cape Town or online, where we can present a free rough demo of what we think your app idea or website could look like, and then plan it further, as well as the way forward including requirements and quotes!

Below we have outlined how the Tumikia platform works by using the example of a municipalities implementation, as we used in the product video above. If you represent a different implementation, think of it like this: the municipality is your organisation, citizens are clients and the service providers are your maintenance force.

Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019

"Most promising venture!"


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