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The Experience

The HTC Vive offers an unparalleled experience by providing users with the 

opportunity to not only look around the virtual environment but physically 

walk around and interact with the environment using bespoke handheld

motion controllers.

  • VISUAL IMMERSION – 110 degrees field of view for captivating immersion.

  • AUDIO IMMERSION – Sound supplied by high quality JBL Headphones.

  • PHYSICAL IMMERSION – You get 360˚ motion tracking with Vive thanks to breakthrough base station technology that helps the headset and controllers track their exact location in space. Room-scale VR puts you at the centre of everything.enc

  • PRECISION TRACKING – 32 headset sensors for 360 degrees motion tracking experience

  • COMPLETE CONTROL – HD haptic feedback and intuitive gestures mean playing games and interacting with the virtual world comes naturally. Vive’s two wireless controllers feature 24 sensors for unobstructed movement, meaning you can do more in VR than ever before. experience

  • FEAST YOUR EYES – 2160 x 1200 combined resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate deliver eye popping graphics and smooth action.

  • ERGONOMIC – The HTC Vive headset is extremely comfortable to wear and features soft, memory foam-esque material around the edges to avoid any kind of skin irritation when being worn.

  • WEAR GLASSES? No problem – the Vive was designed to cater for you too!

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